School Monitoring


Our School Monitoring Service is a remote CCTV monitoring service which has proven itself in various schools and colleges across the UK.

With the continuing squeeze on education budgets, schools are under increasing pressure to keep costs to a minimum.

Our School CCTV Monitoring Service is designed specifically with places of learning in mind delivering a focused service allowing us to control costs and pass the savings onto you.

Remote Watch Monitoring is the UK’s most customer focused remote CCTV monitoring company. We deliver a highly-focussed service and exceptional value for money. It is our intention to save you money.

Remote Watch Monitoring is an independent monitoring station which means that we are able to work alongside any installer arrangements you may have in place. Alternatively we are able to work with our network of approved installers to provide you installation and maintenance packages if required.

This is a unique service which could be of benefit to you and your school. Contact Remote Watch Monitoring to discuss your requirements further.